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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Postsecret of the Week

This one wins my favorite prize for this week, though there are other really great ones, so check it out. This one just struck me though, because I think that so many people probably feel that way and I think I totter on the edges of it.

Go Me

I'm feeling quite accomplished this morning. I'm staying at my cousin's house and she has this fancy grinding and coffee-making machine. I don't even have a coffee maker at home, though I do use one at work. But I figured out how to make the coffee, grinding and everything, all by myself. I'm starting to rethink that career in engineering...;)

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I don't want for a lot and I'm not a materialistic person, but it just dawned on me how spoiled I am. I am sitting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight to leave, typing away on my laptop computer with wireless internet access, wondering if I should take out my Ipod while I wait, and calling people on my cell phone. And yet, I'm slightly annoyed that the wireless internet is a little slow. Woah. I'm gonna remember this next time I "need" something.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Great Soundtrack

My Ipod was playing the best music this morning, so I thought I would share my playlist:

Galileo by the Indigo Girls
Who Knew by Pink
Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tees
Stay by Lisa Loeb
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack)
Extraordinary by Liz Phair
Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog
Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

It certainly made my commute this morning nice :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Life Goes On

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been a difficult time. I'm heading to Buffalo for my grandfather's funeral in a couple days, where while it is unfortunately for an unhappy occasion, it will be nice to see a lot of family that I don't often get to see.

A Mazel Tov goes out to my rarely-commenting friend who has been a reader of this blog for a while and who got engaged Sunday evening. Mazel Tov!

Honestly, not much else is going on. I'm on break from school and my internship, which is a nice respite. Work has been very slow, so it's been good to take a breather.

I've decided that although I'm not terribly fond of the hordes of tourists in NY this time of year, the holiday spirit has definitely descended and people have been much nicer. I've been making friends while waiting in line all over the place.

One nice story - I was on the bus on my way home tonight. It was way overcrowded and late, with people standing throughout the aisle. One man made sure that all the women on the bus had seats before he would allow the men to sit. He then went around wishing everyone "God Bless You." He stated very clearly that we are all brothers and sisters, religion doesn't matter. And I don't think he was drunk. I thought it was nice. Merry Christmas to all my non-Jewish readers!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baruch Dayan Emes

My grandfather passed away this morning.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life Continues

My grandfather continues to hang on, despite all odds being to the contrary. I'm not even there, having to deal with it, and I'm worn out. I'm trying to focus on other things, but it's not so easy.

I find it ironic that I feel like I can measure the efficacy and improvement of my counseling skills by the bad things my students are telling me. I had to call DYFS (New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services) yesterday to report the abuse of one of my 14-year-old students. I'm so glad I can be there for them, and they are comfortable talking to me. And I really do feel like I am forging good, trusting, positive relationships with them. I'm accomplishing my goals and helping these students also. I just wish, for their sakes, that they didn't need me.

I need a day at the beach. Or a hug.

Monday, December 17, 2007

What a Morning

I woke up 45 minutes late this morning, having never heard my alarm, if it went off. I got ready in a record 11 minutes, including shower (though not washing my hair). I ran outside and couldn't get my car out of it's ice-encrusted spot, so I walked the 7 minutes to the bus stop, where I caught the bus after my usual bus, that coincidentally carried several of the people who are usually on my usual bus (must have been that kind of morning for everyone). Then I sat for an hour and a half in traffic (my normal ride is 30 minutes). So, I was a little bit late for work. I wonder what else this day has in store for me.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

No News

There is really no news regarding my grandfather. It could be hours, it could be a couple weeks. Waiting sucks.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Post

Over at my Sweet Rose blog. Check it out.

I found out last night that my grandfather only has a very limited amount of time left. Please keep my family in your prayers. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I got my evaluation for my first semester of my internship back today. It was really good. Turns out my supervisor really likes me and thinks I am doing an ok job, which was a relief, because I honestly wasn't sure how it would turn out. I like it there more and more every week, even though the things I see there get worse and worse. But overall, it's really a good learning experience. Yay :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Post-Birthday Post

I turned 30 years old the other day. It's supposed to feel old and weird and I'm supposed to freak out or something. If it's supposed to be all those things, it was definitely anti-climatic. Because I don't feel any different than I did a few days ago. And I didn't freak out. And I'm 30 now. And it's ok.

I spent my entire birthday weekend surrounded by lots of friends and even some family, which made it very special. I saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway - it was AWESOME. I think the weekend was enjoyed by most everyone.

I'm 30 now. And still not freaking out. (And still wearing sparkly purple.)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Think Geek

My co-worker got the catalog for this website this morning and passed it along to me for my amusement. Flipping through it, I am definitely amused, mainly at the fact that people ARE amused by these items. And now absolutely certain that I am NOT a geek. Check it out.

Btw, I really like the Albert Einstein action figure. Classic.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Chanukah!

I'm slightly late, but definitely not out of time to wish everyone (who celebrates) a Happy Chanukah! Enjoy the candles, the doughnuts, the latkes and whatever else you like (as long as it's fried) :)