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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life Continues

My grandfather continues to hang on, despite all odds being to the contrary. I'm not even there, having to deal with it, and I'm worn out. I'm trying to focus on other things, but it's not so easy.

I find it ironic that I feel like I can measure the efficacy and improvement of my counseling skills by the bad things my students are telling me. I had to call DYFS (New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services) yesterday to report the abuse of one of my 14-year-old students. I'm so glad I can be there for them, and they are comfortable talking to me. And I really do feel like I am forging good, trusting, positive relationships with them. I'm accomplishing my goals and helping these students also. I just wish, for their sakes, that they didn't need me.

I need a day at the beach. Or a hug.


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