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Thursday, December 27, 2007


I don't want for a lot and I'm not a materialistic person, but it just dawned on me how spoiled I am. I am sitting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight to leave, typing away on my laptop computer with wireless internet access, wondering if I should take out my Ipod while I wait, and calling people on my cell phone. And yet, I'm slightly annoyed that the wireless internet is a little slow. Woah. I'm gonna remember this next time I "need" something.


At December 27, 2007 9:06 PM, Blogger ~ Sarah ~ said...

as long the wireless is free :P

At December 27, 2007 10:55 PM, Blogger SuperRaizy said...

From your mouth to my teenager's ears!

At December 29, 2007 8:13 PM, Blogger Semgirl said...



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