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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Education Articles

Just a couple more articles from the NY Times that I found interesting, both related to education.

The first, regarding the record number of college applications received by colleges, especially the top tier schools this past year, resulting in an incredible rejection rate, with students offering perfect GPAs and SAT scores not being accepted at those top schools. It reminds me a bit of my college application days, and waiting for letters of acceptance and offers of scholarships. I only applied to three colleges, and was accepted at all of them, but none of them were Ivy League.

The second, about a school district that is lacking in diversity, and what should or can be done to remedy this problem to rebalance specific schools in order to make them reflect the overall racial make-up of the district. It's an interesting debate about whether forced diversity should be in effect, and one that I'm not completely certain of the answer. It reminds me of a wealthy school district near where I grew up who actually refused federal funding in order to keep their schools from forced diversity.


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