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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Some interesting articles and links I've come across this morning when I really should be doing research for my paper that's due way too soon:

From the NY Times, an article about the phrase "Melting Pot". In thinking about the idea of the melting pot, I'm not sure that America has become the envisioned idea - yes, Americans definitely engender a mixture of races, religions and cultures, but have we become one? That I don't think has happened, at least not yet.

This article about the changing face of the Charedim in Israel, who, despite their attempts to be unaffected by modernity, are watching it creep in regardless, though in their own way.

This post by Jewish Atheist quoting Einstein's ideas about G-d, which I found very interesting. Reading his ideas leaves me wondering (and this is something that I've wondered many times over the years) why so many scientists are so insistent on there being no G-d. Because to me, when you get more of a realization of the vast, amazing and incredible complexity of the universe, it becomes much more difficult to deny completely. Einstein seemed to feel the same way.

This article at Israel National News about the detrimental effects that sexual harassment cases are having on the Israeli army. The lengths that officers are having to go to avoid these accusations and the fact that they view the accusations as payback for reprimands is sad.

This post written by a "29-year-old college senior" (I can almost relate to that one) about the different personas one can have in their writing and in person, and one's ability to be more real in the blogosphere than in person. I've definitely found this to be the case with some of the bloggers that I've met in person, and maybe even a little bit for myself.


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