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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Free Flow

I have to admit to being a bit disturbed by my loss of an hour. Just because some beaurocrats decided that the clocks should change, doesn't really mean I'm ready to go to sleep an hour ealier than usual. I have yet to change my watch, mainly due to laziness. Actually, any clock where it takes more than just the push of a button to change, has yet to lose its hour. Am starting to gain my health back, after almost a week of being in various states of not feeling well.l I think it's time already. I do appreciate everyone who has been checking on me to see how I feel, and the refuah shleimah comments, even if I don't always respond :( I've been quite bad at responding to comments lately - not the commentor's fault, I promise.

Been taking short strolls down memory lane today, triggered by various stimuli. I try very hard to live my life with no regrets and to view those choices I hope that I would no longer choose to make as learning experiences. But sometimes I still wonder what on earth I was thinkig and why Hashem would have thought it best for me to experience some of it. And then, have I really learned anything and would I really make a different choice if faced with the same challenge tomorrow. I hope so. And does my impulsive nature always lead to "learning experiences" or does it sometime create beautiful opportunities that lead to accomplishment and life enhancement? And would it really kill me to write just a few things down in a calendar once in a while?

Monday will be here too shortly, I think it's time for sleep, at least I hope. Good night.


At March 12, 2007 12:13 AM, Blogger ~ Sarah ~ said...

feel better soon!

this daylight savings + jet lag + plus running around after my little cousins since I got to florida has left me not know what time or day it is.

everything happens for the best, even if it may not be obvious at the time and even if it is hard to understand. what you are saying has been on my mind lately... why certain things happened and what my reactions were etc. i went to an excellent talk last night on a similar topic and if i wasn't so tired i'd share what i can remember but i'm totally exhausted so it'll have to wait. or i can tell you the name of the Rabbi and you can get his books.


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