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Thursday, July 05, 2007


I've been at work for almost two hours now. I have done NO work. None whatsoever. No one realizes, nor do they seem to care. Oh well.

I was informed that my office has horrible feng shui. This is after two of my co-workers spent hours rearranging the other day. Another co-worker explained that the way things are arranged with the windows and filters and plants equal bad vibes for Shoshana.

There was a BIG thunderstorm last night. The thunder was so loud it literally shook my house. It was cool.

I am attempting to cut down on my coffee intake so that Tisha B'Av might be a little easier. I haven't yet managed to cut down.

Facebook has a Food Fight application which is one of the few applications I will add (I'm anti-applications, a self-proclaimed Facebook purist). I like the application, but it bothers me that when you throw ice cream at someone, it says you threw "A" ice cream, rather than "AN" ice cream, or just ice cream. I think my internal grammar check needs to take a break sometimes.


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