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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Memory Lane...

When I was in college, my roommate and I would go to Wal-Mart and the grocery store on Wednesday nights. Sometime pretty early on in our first semester, we met a guy who worked at Wal-Mart who ended up becoming a friend and going grocery shopping with us every week. I am still in touch with both these friends.

One of my clearest memories of these moments flashed back to me tonight when I was in the grocery store. I'm short. And those items that are placed on the top shelves of the grocery store and the freezers are inaccessible to me if I am not helped somewhat in the vertical area. So, on one of these shopping trips, there was some item on the top shelf of the freezer that I needed and could not reach. Being me, and not so interested in what people thought, I climbed into the freezer in order to reach what I needed. Unfortunately, in addition to my lack of consideration for the fact that a normal person would have asked someone taller than themselves to help, I am also a klutz. So, basically, I climbed into the freezer and banged my head on the top of it, drawing both blood and tears (thankfully not too much blood). When my friends caught up with me, I still clearly remember the reaction to my blood and tears. "You got blood on the food? Yuck." Hmmm, yeah, they were really concerned for my welfare.

So, apparently, I've learned a lot from this lesson. Because tonight, when I needed to reach for something on the top shelf of the freezer section, I was really, really careful when climbing up. No blood. No tears.


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